Inspiration Fair Malmö 28th of April


The 28th of April Arbetsförmedlingen arranged a Inspiration Job Fair at Malmö Live (Nordic Choice Clarion) for newly arrived in Sweden, the focus for the day was highly skilled educated/professionals within different fields.

16 companies and organizations took the opportunity to inspire the visitors, which was invited from all over Skåne. And a lot of them found talents that could become a part of the companies recruiting processes after the fair, and that just might be the best inspiration a person could get.

The fair had about 300 visitors. They had expertise from different fields such as medical, teaching, chemist, engineering and so on. They mingled and got to know the companies representatives and if they didn´t get a match with the company they hopefully got some valuable information and tips on other companies that might be a better match or tips on how to go about looking for a job in Sweden.

Both visitors and companies, we felt, were very satisfied with the day and we hope that it will result in further conversations between them and of course some job opportunities!

Thank you all for joining us this day!

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